Laz Totka


Hello there! My name is Laz, I'm the founder of Vector Two-Five. Originally from the South Island of New Zealand, I presently live and work in and across Australia. I entered design school straight out of high school, and have been working in the industry ever since. After a storied, complex and frankly phenomenal career marked by an incredible array of opportunities and brilliant people, I am at a point where I spend the majority of my time working through this business, to help others forge their own dreams.



I have over sixteen years of experience working extensively with product, digital and brand design; agency-side, in-house, as a contractor and freelancer across Australia and NZ.


I design, build and maintain websites end to end. Need hosting, a domain name, and custom email or other digital infrastructure set up? I'll take care of that too.

UI/UX Design

Delivery focussed end to end product design is a specialty. Having worked extensively as a contractor for clients ranging from corporates like Westpac, Coles and Woolworths to the NSW Government.


If you are swamped and your team requires another hand, I am able to work on a longer term contract basis, or execute smaller one off jobs as part of my nine to five workflow.

Brand Design

I’m well versed in creating and refreshing brands, for an international cast of clients from a diverse array of industries. Everything from logos, brand guides and design systems, through to websites and digital collateral.


Over the long course of my career I have created a litany of work, for a wide variety of clients ranging in scale from small start-ups to international corporates. My real passion however, lies in helping people find both freedom and fulfilment in building their own businesses!